Dreams are incredible things. I’m not talking about what we experience while we sleep. I’m talking about dreams (aka Vision)…the Dreams you dream about who you will become, what you will accomplish.  

Leadership expert John Maxwell said: “During its early stages, a dream is an incredibly fragile thing. Dreams are like soap bubbles floating close to jagged rocks on a windy day. In the early stages, they haven’t had time to grow or develop. When a seedling oak is only a year old, a child can tear it out by the roots. But once it’s had some time to become firmly established, even the force of a hurricane can’t knock it down.”[1]

How do you keep your dreams from being ripped up? Here are three keys:

1.      Commit your plans to God.   This is the key to all true success. Prov. 16:3

A.                 Be sure to take the dream to the Lord, test your dream with the Word of God?  Is it Biblical, and can you support it with His Word?  Prov. 29:18, Joshua 1:8

2.   Develop an action plan. ….don’t worry if you need to revise and refine – it is all  part of the process.
Prov. 3:6,

3.   Find a friend and confidant whom you trust who will keep you encouraged along the way.
Prov. 17:17, Prov. 27:9, Prov.27:17

Pastor Davanna




[1]Your Road Map for Success; John Maxwell, pages 34,35

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